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The Team 

    Dr. Steven M. Hoffman is President of Dr. Steven M. Hoffman and Associates (“Hoffman and Associates”).  He holds a Ph.D. in Land Resources from the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has 20 years of environmental research and consulting experience.

    Today’s complex environmental and social problems demand an innovative, integrated approach, including interdisciplinary and international teamwork.  Thus, Hoffman and Associates has partnered with the Madison Environmental Group, an interdisciplinary consulting team based in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  Click here to meet the Madison Environmental Group.

    Hoffman and Associates has also forged an international network of professionals in the U.S., Japan, China, Great Britain, India and other countries.  These associates are called upon as needed.  A sample listing of our associates and their specialties is included below.

    Hoffman and Associates brings together generalists and specialists to form interdisciplinary or international teams around your specific needs.  We pull together a broad range of expertise to attain your goals.  Our teams break new ground by integrating practical experience and research.  Our ability to integrate mainstream thinking and its critiques enables us to answer tough questions and solve tough problems.

The Team Leader

Dr. Steven M. Hoffman, President of Hoffman and Associates, has long been fascinated by language, culture, and environmental issues.  He first traveled to Japan in 1982 to learn how these elements interact in a strikingly different culture.  His interest in developing nations led him to follow a year in Japan with 1½ years in Thailand and the Philippines, where he worked with Vietnam War refugees.

    Dr. Hoffman believes that academic inquiry should be combined with practical work.  His interdisciplinary background includes hands-on work in sustainable agriculture, and continual balancing of research with practical work.  For example, while engaged in university research, he served as Groundwater Protection Specialist for Wisconsin’s largest nonprofit environmental institute, and worked with one of Japan's first international environmental NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

    Dr. Hoffman realized early on that environmental problems are global.  He began environmental research in Japan and other Asian nations in the 1980s, and developed a unique combination of international and environmental expertise.  Dr. Hoffman traveled to Japan as a Fulbright scholar, and performed over 5 years of environment-related research there.  He has done environment-related research in numerous North American, Asian, and European locations. 

    Dr. Hoffman’s groundbreaking research demonstrates how political, cultural and institutional factors affect environmental problems and solutions in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

Acting as bridge between Japan and other cultures

    Throughout his career, Dr. Hoffman has maintained a special interest in innovation and within a broad range of environmental and social areas:  e.g., energy efficiency and renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and sustainable development, sustainable business, the media, climate change, waste reduction, environmental justice, water, air and soil pollution, population, family planning, and justice, environmental education, intercultural relations, toxic substances, environmental health, ozone depletion, acid rain, protected areas, environment and culture, conflict resolution, interest group influence, nonprofit management, citizen participation, field studies, biodiversity, ecopsychology, land use planning, advocacy, and much more.


Assessing biodiversity in the U.S. and around the world

    Dr. Hoffman has taught for universities and colleges while doing practical consulting for businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and individuals.  For details of projects on which he and associates have worked, see the “Past Projects” and “What We Do pages.

The Hoffman and Associates Team looks forward to serving you!


Partial Listing of Associates


D. Einstein, M.S., University Environmental Management, Campus Landscapes, Historic Preservation

J. Elder, M.S., Biodiversity, U.S. and International Environmental Issues, Environmental Nonprofit Organizations

A.M. Forbes, M.S.,  Citizen Participation, Citizen Science, Participatory Decision-Making, Community and Resource Stewardship, Sense of Place, Group and Special Event Facilitation

J. Gersh, M.S., Environmental Communications, Inc.;   Educational and Media Tools for Positive Social Change

M.C. Hansen, MSW, Environment and Society

B.R. Herrick, Ph.D., Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Forestry

E.S. Hoffman, Marketing

D.S. Jaffee, M.S., Trade and Environment, Fair Trade, Mexican and Latin American Environmental, Resource Management and Land Tenure Issues

D.B. Johnson, Ph.D., Environmental Management, Appropriate Technology, Environmental Planning for Businesses, Corporate Environmental Reporting  [pro bono]

M.L. Krome, M.S., Sustainable Agriculture, Community Food Security, Federal Farm Policy, Environmental Quality     [pro bono]

D. LaFollette, Ph.D., Wisconsin Secretary of State;  Public Education, Campaign Finance Reform, Population, NGO Management, Renewable Energy, Global Environments

E.J. Lang, Ph.D., Renewable Energy Education, Wind Energy Technology, Energy Futures, Ecological Design and Manufacturing.

D.N. Lipson, Ph.D.,   Environmental Politics and Policy

The Madison Environmental Group (numerous consultants of diverse specialties)

J. M. Mog, Ph.D.,  Sustainable Rural Development in Third World Communities,
Evaluating and Improving External Development Projects, Community
Organizing for Sustainable Development

S.C. Newenhouse, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Environmental Research, Integrated (Qualitative/Quantitative) Research Methodology, Waste Reduction and Management

C. Orr, Ph.D., Women and the Environment

N. Ramankutty, Ph.D., India-U.S. Environmental Issues, Natural Resource Use, Global Environmental Change, Human-Biosphere Interactions  [pro bono]

L. A. Rosenberg, MSW, Environment and Society in the U.S. and Latin America, Equitable Trade, Ecotourism

A.A. Sabor, M.S., Forest Ecology and Management

A.M. Vargas, Ph.D., U.S.-Mexican Environmental Issues, Mexican Environmental Policy, Latin American Environmental and Natural Resource Issues, Forest and Coastal Management

R.M. Weiner, Esq.,  Environmental Law, Toxic Contamination, Citizen Suits


Non-U.S. Based

M. Sato, Environmental Consultant, Planner, Marketing Expert, Japan

Y. Kada, Ph.D., Environmental Sociology in Japan, the U.S., Africa, Europe;  Lakes and Society (currently Governor of Shiga Prefecture, Japan)

M. Brody, President, U.S.-China Environmental Fund;   Environmental Issues of China

C. Itoh, M.A., Southeast Asian Environment and Society, International Population and Health, Sustainable Development, Education, Nongovernmental Organizations in Southeast Asia 

Y. Natori, M.S., Japan and U.S. Environmental Conservation Planning, Protected Areas, International Conservation Issues

M. Natori, Ph.D., Environmental Impact Assessment, U.S.-Japan Intercultural Bridging, Japanese-English Translation, Vegetation Science, Landscape Ecology

C. Parmar, Fellow, Center for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India

C. Pawsarat, Environmental Journalist (based in Kyoto), Japan and U.S. Environmental and Social Issues

A. Rossiter, Ph.D., Aquatic Biology, Lakes in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Africa, Japanese Lake Environments, Environmental Issues of Great Britain

S. Visvanathan, Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India

"The gains made by better management and technology are still being outpaced
by the environmental impacts of population and economic growth.
We are on an unsustainable course."

--Klaus Toepfer, United Nations Environment Program