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Here is a sample of what clients, audiences, and students say about us:


“You have become the backbone of this company…”

  --J. Munroe, CEO, Planet Bound, Inc.



"You have been a great asset to us.  I was very pleased with our trip to Japan -- with you acting as a bridge, it didn't even feel like a foreign country.  And you have been very fair with us financially."

--S. Welsch, Executive Director, Organic Crop Improvement Association



"Your recommendations are excellent.  I will put them into practice as much as possible."

--R. Schmitten, U.S. Commissioner, International Whaling Commission

“You are indispensable (kakegai ga nai) to our research team…”

--Dr. Y. Kada, Japan Team Leader, Carnegie Council Environmental Values Research Project



"The readings chosen for this class are amazing.  I have learned so much from the class sessions and the assigned readings...This was a great class, Steve Hoffman is a great instructor."

--Student Evaluation of Instruction, Antioch College



"Steve Hoffman is an awesome instructor.  He knows a lot about what he teaches, and he's super-enthusiastic.  He is understanding when students have academic problems...I learned a lot in this class and it made me even more excited to work in the environmental studies field!"

--Student Evaluation of Instruction, Antioch College



“Every team [from India, China, the U.S., and Japan] on this project respects you…”

--J. Bauer, Director of Studies, Carnegie Council


“The environmental exchange program you helped us develop is exciting and visionary, and will cut our costs significantly."

--President H. Nakao, Kyoto Seika University


“Your research [on the Environment and Japan] is excellent -- and publishable by the likes of Oxford or Cambridge…”

--Professor G. Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Madison


“Your work is very important to this organization…”

--K. Urosevich, Program Director;  Japan-U.S. Community Education and Exchange


“I am glad that we did this project, which is definitely helping us forge ahead…you are a master of interview technique.”

--K. Imata, Executive Director;  Japan-U.S. Community Education and Exchange


"You were a pleasure to work with.  We much appreciated your willingness to put in extra time, remain patient and upbeat in the face of sizable obstacles presented by outside administrators, and follow through. Your ability and willingness to embrace innovative instructional methods added immeasurably to our Japan program. You took the time and had the skills to clarify our resources, needs, and expectations, and you applied this knowledge to doing the job RIGHT."

--J. Wallace, past Director, Antioch Education Abroad, Antioch College


"I was absolutely astounded at the amount of work Professor Steve Hoffman did for us...It made me really start to figure out what I can do to fix the environment.  I've been having a storm of ideas, been motivated to work to speak with experts about the environment as it relates to food science, and been motivated to change my habits.  I believe this to be a lasting change...I am very glad to have experienced this as learner."

--Student Evaluation of Instruction, Antioch College



“Your research provided new strategic focus for our cooperative program with China's State Environmental Protection Administration [the national environmental protection agency of China].  Your work served as the basis for Municipal Environmental Handbooks, which are historic public information documents used by the municipal governments of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Lanzhou.”

--M. Brody, President, U.S.-China Environmental Fund


“We were very impressed with your talk [on Japanese Environmental Issues]…”

--D. Kopitzke, Endangered Species Specialist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


“Great talk!”  [on Japanese Environmental Issues]

--Dr. S. Newenhouse, past President, Waste Cap Wisconsin


“Fascinating talk!  We had not realized that, in addition to the many differences,  the environmental similarities between Japan and the United States are so deep and varied.  Thank you very much.”

--M. Sato, President, Do Comunis, Japanese Consulting Firm


 “Brilliant workshop [on the Environment and Psychology]!  I’d like to see the content in our national publication.”

--Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin, USA


“Your report is excellent.  We circulated it immediately among colleagues and will soon show it to our funders.”

--C. Andress, Environmental Defense


       "If we ask the important questions;
If we listen keenly to the informed and experienced;
If we thoroughly integrate multiple perspectives;
And if we persist in applying all that we know;
Together we arrive at excellent answers."

--Steven M. Hoffman, Hoffman and Associates