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Environment and Psychology Workshops and Seminars

Our “Environment and Psychology” workshops deal with a range of issues:  e.g.,  how to cope with environmental risk and fear, how to develop a sense of political efficacy, and how to sustain effective advocacy.  Workshops are experiential and student-centered, focusing on underlying causes of environment-related distress, as well as empowerment.  Workshops are customized.

 “Environment and Psychology” seminars emphasize a rethinking of contemporary environmental problems from a psychological perspective.  Most seminars include international comparisons, to deepen "ecopsychological" understandings that transcend boundaries and culture.

"In Japan, environmental problems are often discussed with a dramatically 
different set of psychological concepts than what we generally hear in the U.S.
These differences take us to the heart of how we define ourselves."

                       --Steven M. Hoffman, Hoffman and Associates