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Program Development

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Innovative Environment-Related Programs -- for Nonprofits, Businesses, Universities, and Government

Hoffman and Associates takes pride in developing groundbreaking programs for diverse organizations.  Below are examples of programs and materials we have developed:


Environmental analysis templates and environmental education curricula for China’s national environmental protection agency;
The governments of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and other cities have utilized our framework for  analyzing municipal environments in China.  China’s national environmental protection agency has utilized environmental education curricula that we provided.


We developed an international environmental consulting program for a Japan-based environmental business;


We developed innovative, field-based environmental studies curricula and an international exchange network for a Japanese university.
This program is student-centered – designed to generate excitement in students studying  environmental issues.  The program emphasizes field studies of ongoing environmental debates. Students interview stakeholders on all sides of controversies and learn in-depth about value clashes in a different culture.  The program offers research experience in beautiful natural areas. The overarching goal is for students  to develop multifaceted understanding of U.S. environmental culture and politics.

We developed a multicultural environmental education program (students of all ages) for a Japan-based environmental nonprofit organization;
Together with a Japanese wildlife biologist, we developed a popular environmental field studies program in Japan.  The program enabled Japanese and non-Japanese students of all ages to learn about environmental controversies, and engage in multicultural discussion of resource conflicts.

University courses:  Japanese Political Change and Japanese Nongovernmental  Organizations (NGOs);  Comparative Environmental Policy;  Environmental and Ecological Economics;  Ecology:  Theory and Practice;  Environmental Conflict Resolution

These courses
foster understanding of  recent dramatic changes in environmental politics, economics, ecology, and society, through books and field visits with environmental, business, and political leaders.  

Environmental Program Evaluation
At the request of the Environmental Defense Fund, we performed surveys of stakeholders in the Great Printers Project, an inventive, multi-state effort to encourage pollution prevention and waste reduction among U.S. printers. Our report was used immediately by project leaders -- and communicated key findings to participants and funders (see What People Say).

We evaluated the EDF Sustainability Kit (an innovative tool that helps citizen groups work with sustainability issues).

We are absolutely committed to innovation and leading-edge thought."

--Steven M. Hoffman, Hoffman and Associates