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Needs Assessment, Planning

Hoffman and Associates provided comprehensive needs assessment to a nonprofit organization that facilitates Japan-U.S. nonprofit exchange and collaboration.  Our recommendations led to important organizational growth:  e.g., addition of key board members;  increased networking and collaboration, and a move to the forefront of U.S.-Japan nonprofit collaboration.

Our research helped an innovative environmental nonprofit organization evaluate possibilities for a new biodiversity and sustainable development program.  Our study enabled well-informed decisions about project direction in a highly complex issue area.

Hoffman and Associates helped a U.S. real estate firm determine how to approach a high-powered Japanese client, interpret behavior, and negotiate a multimillion dollar sale.

Market Research

Hoffman and Associates demonstrated to a U.S.-based sustainable agriculture concern that a limited Japan operation would probably not succeed without significant strategy change to accommodate the Japanese market and culture.  On the strength of our data, the firm made well-informed decisions about its Japan strategy.

"On our crowded planet there are no longer any internal affairs."

                                                --Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize recipient

"Buy land, they're not making any more of it."

                                                  --Will Rogers