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Intercultural Projects

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Bridging Intercultural Gaps: Communication, Conflict Prevention/Resolution and Translation/Interpretation


We provided “intercultural bridging” within a long-term, four-nation research project managed by the Carnegie Council.  This bridging role provides a new model of integrating international professionals into international collaborative efforts.  We offer language facilitation at international meetings, and create opportunities for multilingual discussion of concepts.  We develop proactive ways to prevent conflict among collaborators, and provide translation and other communication services.


Hoffman and Associates thoroughly incorporated the thinking of both offices of a binational organization into a comprehensive needs assessment, helping to avoid divisive conflicts.


Employing conflict resolution skills, we listen to and help transform anger of internationals who are critical of the West, and cultivate relationships of mutual respect.

Hoffman and Associates has acted as linguistic and cultural interpreter for environmental/civic leaders and artists.


We facilitated an agreement between Japan- and U.S.-based consulting firms.  The agreement makes it possible for interdisciplinary, international consulting teams to exchange information and collaborate on a wide variety of projects.

We helped a U.S. real estate firm determine how to approach a high-powered Japanese client and close a multimillion dollar sale.

 Introducing People, Ideas, and Information Into Other Cultures


Hoffman and Associates gathered experiential environmental education tools for introduction to China.  With the U.S.-China Environmental Fund, we translated Western thinking about “indicators of environmental and social sustainability” into a form utilizable by China’s National Environmental Protection Agency.

We helped introduce path-breaking environmental education curricula to Japan. After locating suitable Japanese counterparts, we performed linguistic and cultural interpretation at workshops. Our U.S. client has since developed a strong following in Japan.

Hoffman and Associates provides environmental businesses, universities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations with up-to-date environmental information on a wide variety of topics.  We write readable, thought-provoking columns that attract interest across sectors and nations.


Hoffman and Associates provides recommendations to Western nonprofits regarding culturally sensitive, effective environmental advocacy within Japan.


Setting Up Collaborative and Exchange Relationships

Hoffman and Associates has developed pioneering exchange relationships between Japanese and U.S. university environmental programs.  We found suitable partner universities and established relationships of trust.  We developed curricular content that appeals to students, faculty, and administration, and resolved legal, financial, and logistical issues.

Hoffman and Associates performed a comprehensive needs assessment for a binational organization that facilitates Japan-U.S. nonprofit exchange and collaboration.  During this assessment, we did extensive research on how to facilitate collaboration and exchange.  We have provided pro bono assistance to a similar nonprofit organization (see Past Projects for more detail on pro bono activities).  

Hoffman and Associates has found excellent-fit internships for Japanese nationals interested in U.S.-based environmental work.


        "When people from different walks of life or different nations collaborate, 
             we need as many effective 'bridge people' as possible -- to act as bridge 
               across communication styles, and to fill in the rich cultural contexts 
                            which stand behind words and action."

                             --Steven M. Hoffman, Hoffman and Associates